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Kendrick Dewcaps

Standard Dewcaps

Standard Dewcaps Our Standard Dewcaps are constructed of black ABS plastic and are all felt lined for maximum absorbtion of moisture and baffling of stray light. The cap is attached by wrapping it around your telescope just below the front lens or corrector plate ring. The two outside ends are then pressed together using the sewn on velcro. A rubber strip is supplied that must be attached along the bottom of the dewcap where there is no felt. This provides a friction fit so that the dewcap stays in place once attached. It also allows enough room to attach one of our heaters around the corrector plate ring on the inside of the dewcap.

Ironically, dewcaps will not prevent dew from forming on your telescope. They only delay it, typically by 20 to 40 minutes after dew point has been reached. A dewcap will provide greater contrast while observing by cutting down on the amount of stray light that enters the front of your telescope due to street lights, skygolw, etc. We highly recommend the use of a dewcap if you have a SCT for this reason alone.

Q. Can I use a Standard Dewcap with a Kendrick Heater?
A. Yes you can. Our Standard Dewcaps come with a .5" thick rubber strip along the bottom. This provides plenty of room to wrap a heater around your telescope and then wrap the Standard Dewcap around the heater, enclosing the heater inside the dewcap. This changes the Standard Dewcap to a heated dewcap and you have the choice of using either our Premier heaters or the low wattage FireFly heaters.

Q. Can I modify the dewcap to accomodate dovetails and other hardware?
A. Yes you can. All you need is a utility knife. If you do modify our dewcap, you must make sure that the corners of the cut are rounded otherwise the corner could split on you. See an explanation on how to do this at the Dewcap modification link below.

How To Modify a Kendrick Standard Dewcap (PDF)

2030 Dew Cap to fit telescope tubes with an outside diameter of 105mm (about 4") CAN $32.00
2030-A Dew Cap to fit telescope tubes with an outside diameter of 120mm (about 4.75") CAN $39.00
2031 Dew Cap for Celestron C5. Fits tube diameters of 140mm (about 5.5") CAN $41.00
2031-A Dew Cap to fit telescope tubes with an outside diameter of 160mm (about 6.3") CAN $41.00
2032 6 inch Dew Cap, Fits Tube Diamter 180mm (7 in.) CAN $43.00
2032-A Dew Cap to fit telescope tubes with an outside diameter of 200mm (about 8") CAN $46.00
2032-B Dew Cap fit telescope tubes with an outside diameter of 220mm (about 8.75") CAN $51.00
2033 Dew Cap for Meade and Celestron 8 inch SCTs CAN $67.00
2033-A Dew Cap for 8 inch Astrotech AT8RC CAN $67.00
2033-B Dew Cap for Meade 8 inch LXD55 and SN 8 inch LXD75 CAN $67.00
2034 Dew Cap for C9.25 SCT CAN $73.00
2035 Dew Cap for Meade 10 inch SCT CAN $82.00
2035-LXD Dewcap for Meade 10 inch LXD 55. CAN $82.00
2036 Dew Cap for Celestron C11 CAN $84.00
2037 Dew Cap for Meade 12 inch SCT CAN $91.00
2038 Dew Cap for C14 CAN $108.00
2039 Dew Cap for Meade 16 inch LX200 CAN $127.00


ZAPCAP Heated Dew Caps

ZAPCAP Heated Dew Caps Our ZAPCAPS are constructed of the same black ABS plastic as our standard dewcap line, are all felt lined and are attached by wrapping it around your telescope just below the lens or corrector plate ring. The two outside ends are then pressed together using the sewn on velcro. The ZAPCAPS have a built in low wattage heater that makes good contact with your telescope to keep it free of moisture. The heater is inside a rubberized sleeve and it is this sleeve that provides a friction fit and keeps the ZapCap in place.

We have ZapCap dewcaps to fit all the most popular telescopes. If you do not see a size that will work with your size telescope or need some kind of custom work done ot it to make it fit properly, contact us. We will make a dewcap or modification for you at a fair and reasonable price.

Q. Are they good quality? Will they last?
A. We always do our best to provide the best value for money as we can. We use top quality materials, and take pride in our build quality.

Q. Are the heated dewcap power cords flexible in the cold?
A. In non summer like temperatures, the power cords will stiffen up as they get cold. If there is a demand from our customers for flexible cabling in cold conditions, we will provide it as an upgrade option.

It is not recommended that this dewcap be used without a controller.

ZAPCAP Features:

  • Built in Low Wattage FireFly heater.
  • Cabling included to attach to a Kendrick Controller
  • Notched (single notch only) to accomodate commonly used dovetails.
  • Can be used with any Kendrick controller.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Felt lined.
  • Best quality Velcro available is sewn into the ZapCap to make firm connection of dewcap ends with high repeatability.
  • Built in proprietary infa-red reflector. Directs maximum warmth into the scope instead of the atmosphere.

REPLACEMENT POWER CORDS: If you need a replacement Power Cord, they are now available for purchase on-line. See below.

2030-A-ZC ZapCap Heated for Nexstar 4 - will fit telescope Tube Diameter of 115-130mm (about 4.75") CAN $133.00
2030-ZC ZapCap to fit telescope Tube Diameter of 105mm (about 4") CAN $127.00
2031-ZC ZapCap Heated Dew Cap for Celestron C5 - will fit tude OD 115-130mm CAN $134.00
2031-A-ZC ZapCap Heated for Tube Diamter 160mm (6.3 in- will fit tube ODs 155-170mm) CAN $136.00
2032-A-ZC ZapCap Heated 6" Dew Cap for Tube Diameter 195-210mm (8 in.) CAN $146.00
2032-B-ZC ZapCap Heated dew cap to fit tube OD of 215-230mm CAN $150.00
2032-ZC ZapCap Heated 6" Dew Cap, Fits Tube Diameter 175-190mm (7 in.) CAN $142.00
2033-B-ZC ZapCap Heated Dewcap for Meade 8" LXD55 CAN $144.00
2033-ZC ZapCap Heated Dew Cap for Meade & Celestron 8: SCTs -will fit tube ODs 225-240mm CAN $159.00
CDC-PC-RCA Replacement Power Cord for Zap Caps CAN $34.00


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