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Kendrick Power Accessories

Battery Accessories

Are you looking for a splitter to take a cigarette lighter socket from one output to two? Do you want to clip a cigarette lighter socket to a battery you already own? We have the answer.

Our splitters, alligator clip accessory are all constructed of solid materials and 18 awg wire.

The alligator clips and dual plug adapters items are fused. The #2088 Dual Plug adapter is fused (7 amps) in the tip of the plug. The #2087 Alligator Clip Adapter is fused (7.5 amps) in-line in a weather proof clip. Both items are made in-house by Kendrick

2087 Alligator Clip Connector

2088 Dual Plug Adapter

2087 Alligator Clips - Clips to battery posts of non Kendrick batteries. Has cigarette lighter socket (fused 7.5A). CAN $29.00
2088 Dual Plugs - Battery plug with 1 cigarette lighter plug, terminates in 2 female sockets CAN $29.00


Battery Bags

Are you looking for a carry bag for your battery or to replace a old carry bag for one of our stock power packs? We have the answer.

The bags are padded, constructed out of tough cordura material and come with adjustable shoulder straps.

The medium and large bags each have two sewn in pockets to store accessories like battery chargers or power cords.

BATTERY BAG DIMENSIONS (stated dimensions are not exact):

Small Padded Battery Bag
7.5"L x 3.25"W x 8"H
Fits our #208 and #2080 Power Packs

Medium Padded Battery Bag
8.5"L x 3.5"W x 11"H
Fits our #2081, #2081-15 and 2081-18 Power Packs

Large Padded Battery Bag
9"L x 5.75"W x 11"H
Fits our #2082, #2083 and 2083-15 Power Packs

BATTERYPAC-L Large Padded Battery Bag with adjustable shoulder strap CAN $106.00
BATTERYPAC-M Medium Padded Battery Bag with adjustable shoulder strap CAN $98.00
BATTERYPAC-S Small Padded Battery Bag with adjustable shoulder strap CAN $63.00


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