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Kendrick Dew Controllers

The Kendrick Dew Remover System is the Gold Standard for removal and prevention of dew (or frost) from forming on optics. Our products are used worldwide by amateur and professional astronomers, hospital operating rooms, and dental practices. We have an impressive product line-up to suit every application and budget.

$ Micro-D Controller - Limited Supply!

Light-Duty “grab-n-go” dew control and DSLR Power supply. Perfect for camera lenses and small refractors.

$ Standard Dual Channel Controller - In Stock!

A simple but effective controller for telescopes of all sizes.

$$ DigiFire FX-PRO 4 Channel Controller with Temperature Control -

Our heavy-duty “Prosumer” model with 4 individual adjustable heater ports and programmable power supply suitable for powering popular DSLR cameras.This model also adds temperature sensors.

$$$$ Premier Observatory Class Controller Dew Control AND Focuser Control - Coming Spring 2020

Our Observatory Class Model with all of the features of our DigiFire 12 model PLUS:
  • Remote operation – control your dew heat via internet!
  • Wireless connection between controller and observatory computer
  • User upgradable firmware
  • Optional Temperature Compensating ASCOM Focuser – will drive most popular focusers fitted with a stepper motor. Also includes a wireless remote for manual focusing. Also controllable by SmartPhone/Tablet App.
  • Availability - Fall 2015


MICRO & MICRO-D Controllers

This is a "discontinued" model, but we found a box of them during a recent move, and have a limited number for sale until supplies last.

The "MICRO" Controllers are designed for Astronomers and Astrophotographers who want the best in lightweight, compact, Grab'n'Go gear. Despite its small size, this controller is not small in its performance or build quality. It is well built and well thought out. It does have a power restriction of 3 amps or less, so do consult our heater pages where we publish current draw (amps) for our heaters.

The controller has two slotted tabs that can be used to attach the supplied lanyard so that the controller may be hung from a convenient location. Velcro tabs are also provided if you prefer to "stick" the controller to your telescope or mount. Also, the mounting tabs are convenient for anyone who wants to mechanically mount the controller with screws to a Dobsonian telescope base, Dobsonian upper tube assembly, inside an eyepiece box or wherever else one may wish to mount the controller.

2 Models to choose from

  • MICRO has 2 heater ports
  • MICRO-D has 1 heater port and 1 8V DSLR Power Supply that can power popular Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras using our DSLR Battery Adapters.

    It comes with our standard one year parts and labour warranty.

    TECH SPECS for the Micro-D Controller:
    • ELECTRICAL SPECS: 12 VDC, 3 amps.
    • MICRO-D Model: Single channel, one RCA output for heater attachment and 1 output at 8 vdc for powering a DSLR camera. Connector is a 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC Power Jack (requires the purchase of one of our DSLR power Couplers). (Canon & Nikon cameras)
    • MICRO Model: Dual Channel with 2 RCA Heater Ports
    • Simple rotary knob control.
    • LED Power status indication.
    • Low voltage cut-off control. (a Kendrick standard!). IMPORTANT NOTE on this feature.
    • RFI Clean. A must for CCD imagers!
    • Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control.
    • Reverse polarity protected (a Kendrick standard!).
    • Fused on board with Auto Reset. (the provided power cord is fused as well at 7 amps)
    • Mating Terminal Block power input. This will allow users to terminate the controller power cable in a connector of their choice.
    • Fused power cable included (cigarette lighter plug).
    • Weight: 1.6 oz (30 grams)
    • Dimensions (excluding tabs): 65mm x 36mm x 25mm (2.56" x 1.4" x 1.0")
      (including tabs): 80mm x 36mm x 25mm (3.15" x 1.4" x 1.0")
    Micro-D Controller
    Micro Controller

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The MICRO and MICRO-D Controllers are designed as "light-duty". They are very compact and light weight... perfect for "grab & go" using small batteries. They are NOT designed to run large heaters. Suitable applications include:

    • Small refractors up to 4" diameter
    • Newtonian secondary mirror heaters
    • Camera lenses
    • Eyepiece heaters
    2001-MICRO Micro Controller with 2 heater ports CAN $134.00
    2001-MICRO-D Micro Controller with 8 vdc power supply and one heater port CAN $156.00
    208-IPP-ACKIT Anderson Power Pole Pre-Welded Plug Kit with 30 Amp Contacts CAN $8.00
    208-IPP-AC-UF Anderson Power Pole Non-Welded Plug Kit with 30 Amp Contacts CAN $7.00


    Standard Dual Channel Controller

    Standard Dual Channel Controller This controller has been introduced to replace our original, long standing Model VI controller. The Standard Dual Channel has a ton of new features but is really simple to use! As well, it can handle more power and use that power more efficiently! We are very excited about this newest addition to our Dew Remover System!

    Features & Specifications:

    • Rugged Plastic Case with modern styling.
    • Zero to 100% heater control.
    • Fused onboard. Auto Reset.
    • On board protection from over current, over temperature, over voltage.
    • LED overcurrent indication at both outputs.
    • 10 amp capacity (5 amps per channel).*
    • 6' detachable fused Power cord. Cord is fused at 7 amps.
    • Reverse polarity protected.
    • On/off switch (no other dew controller on the market has this).
    • RFI (radio frequency interference) free. A critical feature for astro imagers!
    • Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle control.
    • 4 outputs, 2 for each control knob.
    • LED Power on indicator for both outputs.
    • Low voltage cut-off control with LED indication (a Kendrick standard!). IMPORTANT NOTE on this feature.
    • Mosfet transistors built on board and on EACH output (no voltage drops!). Get the best possible performance out of your heaters!
    • Velcro attachment. Parts included.
    • 12 VDC operation.
    • Dimensions: 4" x 3" x 1.35" (1.75" with knobs).
    • 1 Year warranty

    * We have fused the power cord at 7 amps even though the controller is capable of amperages of 5 amps per channel (10 amps total). We do not recommend replacing the power cord fuse with a larger fuse as the power input socket is not rated for a higher amperage.

    Standard Dual Channel Controller Manual (PDF)

    Controller Feature Comparison (PDF)

    2001-SDCC Standard Dual Channel Controller with 4 outputs/14 amps maximum/12VDC CAN $149.00
    CDC-PC-BATT 6 ft Replacement Power Cord with 7 amp fuse for SDCC Controller CAN $24.00


    NEW>>> DigiFire FX-PRO Controller

    DigiFire FX-PRO Controller

    IN STOCK! We think you will agree that this is the best Dew Controller ever made.

    The FX-PRO controller is our heavy-duty "Prosumer" model with 4 individual adjustable heater ports, temperature sensors, and programmable power supply suitable for powering popular DSLR cameras. The new DigiFire FX-PRO model has all the features of our former DigiFire 12 model, plus some impressive new improvements.

    Product Features:

      OLED Display
    • New OLED Graphic Display which displays all settings at a glance.
    • Built-in Voltage Meter
    • Heavy-Duty, individually adjustable power output for up to 4 heaters.
    • Built-in 8V DSLR Power Supply. Just add our DSLR Battery  Adapter and power you DSLR from the Dew Controller.
    • 2 DC Accessory Ports
      • 1 Port 12V up to 7 Amp output
      • 2nd port programmable for 12V OR 8V (DSLR Camera Power). Up to 1.5 Amp output
    • 15 Amps total power (max 7 Amp with Cigarette Lighter Plug).
    • Dimmable lights! In fact, after 2 minutes, they shut-off! Pressing 1 of the 2 control buttons will "wake-up" the lights again, or you can also set the lights and graphic display to remain ON
    • User Changeable Cord. We strongly recommend you "ditch the Cigarette Lighter Plug". Chose you own or add our Anderson Power Pole plugs to get all 15 Amps the unit is capable of delivering.
    • Cord Management - Power other devices using the 2 DC Accessory Ports. For example, our 12V USB Hub.
    • Low Voltage Cut-Off - A Kendrick Standard that saves your battery from permanent destruction.
    • NEW>> Disable Low Voltage Cut-Off. We don't recommend it, but if you want to drain your battery beyond repair it is now possible.
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    DigiFire FX-PRO - Temperature Sensing Features

    • Temperature Sensing control for 2 of the 4 heater ports.
      • Heaters are only powered when the temperature of your optics reaches the level you choose. It works on the difference between Ambient Air Temperature and the temperature of your optics. Choose a setting that is 0-10 C°
      • Prevents unnecessary over-heating (which degrades image quality)
      • Saves battery power
    • Traditional "Duty-Cycle" settings are also available on all 4 heater ports

    Sensors included: 2 - 1 of these is the Ambient Air Temperature and the other is the Optic Temperature Sensor. Additional Sensors are optional. If you want to use Temperature Regulation on a 2nd optic (telescope), order an extra Temperature Sensor.

    Product Availability Note: IN STOCK!

    †The DSLR power supply is designed for normal astrophotography applications. Specifically, long exposures with momentary delay between exposures. It is NOT design for daytime “burst” exposures.

    Want a spare Power Cord? Now Available!

    2001-FX-PRO DigiFire FX-PRO Temperature Sensing Controller with 4 heater independently controllable outputs, 2 DC Accessory Ports, 8V DSLR Power Supply, 15 Amps CAN $369.00
    2001-12-SCBL6 Temperature Sensor and 6' Cable for DigiFire Models FX-PRO and 12 CAN $56.00
    2001-DF812-PWR DigiFire Power Cord (models 8 / 12 / FX / FX-PRO CAN $30.00
    208-IPP-ACKIT Anderson Power Pole Pre-Welded Plug Kit with 30 Amp Contacts CAN $8.00
    208-IPP-AC-UF Anderson Power Pole Non-Welded Plug Kit with 30 Amp Contacts CAN $7.00


    Premier Controller

    Coming Late Summer 2020

    The next generation of Observatory Class Dew Controller has come off the drawing board and is now entering the pre-production phase where we test functions, fit to an enclosure, and tweak software.

    We have the 3rd working prototype in hand. It’s not pretty enough for photos yet. The Image you see here is a mock-up that will also change with the addition of more function buttons that will be built into a waterproof membrane.

    What changed from our original design?

    1. It is smaller and lighter.
    2. All versions will have an OLED Display instead of LCD Touch-Screen (not so great in cold temperatures).
    3. Control buttons will be imbedded into a single-piece membrane
    4. It MIGHT have an optional ASCOM Focuser Controller that will be compatible with popular stepper-motor focusers. This feature is certainly slowing down roll-out. It's actually easy, but with so many models of focusers and stepper motors, cables and connectors is proving to be a challenge.

      Operating Modes

      • USB to PC for local remote (and Remote Desktop) control
      • Bluetooth wireless via Desktop App (future Smartphone app)
      • DB9 to PC Serial Port (or USB Serial Adapter)
      • Temperature sensing.

      Dew Control Options

      • Humidity/Dewpoint sensing.
      • Optic temperature above ambient temperature control.
      • Dewpoint control.
      • Fixed temperature control.
      • Power to heater % control (Duty-Cycle).
      • Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit screen display.
      • Screen brightness control.

      Other Features

      • 2.5mm Audio Jacks for optic, ambient, and humidity sensors.
      • USB-A port for Firmware Updates
      • USB-B port for connection to local PC (resolves as Serial COM Port)
      • DB9 (serial) Port
      • RJ11 port for optional Focuser Control
      • Remote control via a web browser (plus Remote Desktop)
      • Mating Terminal Block power input. This will allow users to terminate the controller power cable in a connector of their choice.
      • New optic and humidity sensor design.
      • Upgradeable firmware
      • 2 dedicated 12 volt Accessory Power Ports to power other peripheral devices.
      • LEDs on the heater ports.
      • Dimmable lights - Auto Shut-OFF after 20 seconds
      • Low voltage cut-off. For those who do not want Low Voltage Cut-off, this function can be disabled via the display screen and/or the remote control software.
      • Battery voltage display.
      • Air temperature, Optic Temperature, Humidity and Dewpoint display.
      • and more!

      If you want to be notified when the controller becomes available, please join our Premier Controller Notification List. This will be a one time only mailing and you will not receive other product notifications from us.

      The old style Premier Controller is still supported and we have moved the information on this controller to it's own page and can be found at the link below.

      Link to old #2002 PREMIER DIGITAL CONTROLLER



    How To Use The System

    We recommend that you put your heaters in place at the beginning of an observing session and turn your controller on right away. If you are using Premier Heaters, or heaters for Newtonian or RC Telescopes, we recommend a controller setting that represents about 20 to 40% If you are using FireFly or MICRO FireLite Heaters, we recommend a setting of about 60 to 80%.

    If moisture has already condensed on your optics, we recommend covering the optics, turning the heaters on high and waiting 20 to 30 minutes. Once the moisture has cleared, lower your controller setting and resume observing.


    Power Requirements

    Power Supplies Our dew control systems require 12 volts DC. If you are using a battery to run the system, we recommend a 5 amp hour battery as a minimum. If you want to run the system from a wall plug, you will need a 120 volt to 12 volt DC "Regulated" step down power supply with a minimum output of 5 amps.

    Pictured to the right are our Regulated 120 volt to 12 volt DC power supplies which are excellent for operating our systems from a wall socket. We also build portable 12 volt power packs and offer other power solutions that can be used with all your astro equipment that is used in the field. See Power Packs for more information on the power systems we offer.

    #208-PS25A power supply. How much power do you need? Add up the current draw from all connected equipment and then multiply by at least 2. Generally, you want a power supply that can deliver twice as much power as you think you might need. Otherwise, an overworked PS is going to fail or even get excessively hot.

    NEW Big-Honkin 25 Amp Power Supply (110VAC or 220VAC)! Big mounts, cooled CCD Cameras, Dew Heaters use a lot of juice. 25 Amps is enough power to run just about any device you would ever need.

    2085 120v 5 amp power supply, converts 120v to 12VDC. 5 amp output IN STOCK CAN $130.00
    2078 120v 10 amp Power supply, converts 120v to 12VDC. 10 amp output. IN STOCK CAN $225.00
    208-PS25A 110/120VAC to 12 vdc, 25A power supply. North American Plug CAN $329.00
    208-PS25A-EU 220/240VAC to 12 vdc, 25A power supply. EU (type "F" Plug) CAN $339.00
    208-PS25A-UK 220/240VAC to 12 vdc, 25A power supply. UK (type "G" Plug) CAN $339.00


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