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Kendrick Replacement Batteries

Has the battery in your Kendrick Power Pack died? Do not throw it away!

With a few simple tools it can easily be replaced and your beautiful Kendrick Power Pack will be as good as new again!

We provide the instructions on how to do this with the battery that will be shipped to you or simply download the instructions below:

Kendrick Battery Replacement Instructions (PDF)

Replacement 12 volt 18 amp hour Battery
for 2080, 2081, 2081-18 Power Packs

Replacement 12 volt 33 amp hour Battery
for 2082, 2083 Power Packs

CPP-BATTERY 18 18 AH Battery Only, For 2080, 2081, and 2081-18 batteries CAN $140.00
CPP-BATTERY 33 33AH Battery Only, For 2082 and 2083 batteries CAN $215.00


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