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Prices are Canadian (CAN) dollars and we will also charge your credit card in Canadian Dollars. Your financial institution will automatically convert to your home currency. For your convenience, we display approximate prices in $ US dollars based on the average currency exchange rate for the day. The $ US price is NOT guaranteed. The average currency exchange rate can change daily. Why Canadian Dollars? We are located in Toronto, Canada. Conducting financial transactions in “foreign currency” would mean much higher redemption fees charged by Credit Card companies. By charging you in $ Canadian Funds we don’t have to pass the extra cost to you.
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Kendrick Battery Chargers

We offer a complete line of battery chargers that are suitable for our batteries. Although we do include chargers with all our batteries, we offer these for anyone who wants to replace an old charger or upgrade to a larger, faster charging unit.

FC12V125 12V 1.25 Amp Float Charger 110VAC North American Sockets CAN $149.00
FC12V750 12V .750ma Float Charger 110VAC North American Sockets CAN $82.00
FC12V5 12V 5 Amp Float Charger - 110VAC North American Sockets CAN $167.00


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