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Kendrick Astro Instruments

Welcome to Kendrick Astro Instruments, recognized worldwide for innovation and quality low voltage heater and power products. Kendrick Astro Instruments have been in the low voltage heater business for over 25 years pioneering the use of heater "systems" to control misting, dew and frost on optics, camera lenses, telescopes lenses and mirrors as well as cold weather performance of cold sensitive electronic devices.


Micro and Micro-D Controllers

Micro and Micro-D Controllers - NOW IN STOCK!

At last, the new Micro Controllers are here!

The new design is perfect for "light-duty" grab-n-go photography or visual observering. Weighing only 30 grams (1.6 oz) it is the ultimate in portability. Ideal for:

  • Small refractors (4" dia or less)
  • Camera Lenses
  • Newtonian secondary mirror dew control.
AND..... the Micro-D model will also power your Canon or Nikon DSLR! Just add one of our Camera Battery Adapters. The same small 12V battery now powers your Dew Heateras AND your DSLR Camera. Never worry about short camera battery life again!
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Power Panel

NEW!! Imaging Power Panels. Now available with Anderson Power Pole connectors!

Chosen by the editors of SKY & TELESCOPE as
one of the "Hot New Products for 2014"!

Our Imaging Power Panels are designed
specifically for astrophotographers!

A compact connector panel to provide a centralized power point for all your imaging equipment and a means for cable management.

CCD and DSLR imaging versions available.

Built in 12 volt, active 7 port USB hub with internal dew heater, 8 vdc DSLR power supply (depending on model), 4 cigarette lighter sockets, illuminated power switch, volt meter, dust and moisture covers on all ports. Provide power to your mount, CCD or DSLR camera, Motorized Focuser, Dew Control System, Guide scope. Mount it on your telescope or mount and have only two cables coming from the power panel, one to your computer and one to your battery!

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12 Volt USB Hubs

NEW!! 12 Volt USB Hub

12 VDC Active USB Hub

Introducing our new, ruggedized, active USB Hub powered from 12 vdc. For anyone requiring the use of a USB hub outdoors or in a remote situation where access to mains electricity is difficult or impossible. For astro-imagers, the use of a hub at the scope helps reduce wire routing and tangling problems.

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Kendrick Sun Finder

Sun Finder

IN STOCK! Very easy to install.

Our New Sun Finder is an excellent product for easy solar finding and centering in your telescope eyepiece. The finder projects a solar dot onto the white target which can be viewed either from the from the front of the finder or through the cut out on the back.

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ePacks and Power Pods


IN STOCK! Very easy to install.

Our ePacks offer great flexibility to anyone requiring a quality, portable, power connector interface. They easily connect and disconnect to a battery of your choice, allowing you freedom of choice of battery size depending on your needs or condtions!

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Stargate II Observatory Tent

IN STOCK! - ONLY 23 LEFT! Get one before they're gone!
Kendrick Stargate II Observatory Tent
This is the fourth revision of our popular Observing Tent. It hearkens back to the original design but with some substantial upgrades and improvements.



Heater Systems for DSLR Cameras
DSLR Camera-Cozy
Are you a night-time astro or nature photographer? Are you having trouble with dew and frost on your lenses and camera body? We have the solution!


NEW Split Ring Heaters

For Newtonian Secondary Mirrors
Split Ring Heaters
An effective anti-dewing solution for exposed Dob and Newtonain mirrors.


Bahtinov Focusing Masks

for Telescopes, Auto Guiders, & DSLR Cameras
Bahtinov Focusing Masks
Precision focusing aid. A “must have” for astrophotographers. learn more...

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