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Observer Tent

Want to Buy a Stargate Tent?
Stargate Observer Tents will be back in stock this Spring.
We have contracted a manufacturer to make a new batch of tents. We are expecting our proto-type Stargate II tent to arrive in the last half of January, 2014. If we are happy with the quality and build of the tent, we will put up images of the tent and begin taking orders. Our run will be limited so if you are interested, it is highly recommended that you join the STARGATE Mailing List (link below). Mailing list participants will be notified as soon as we have settled on a price and prior to the product being placed online for ordering. This allows you to place an order in advance and not be locked out of a tent purchase due to the real possibility of the production run selling out.

Replacement Tent Poles
Replacment tent poles for any Kendrick Observer tent can be found at: tentpoletechnologies.com. Follow the tent pole repair & replacement link.


Kendrick Astro STARGATE Mailing List
The Kendrick Astro Instruments STARGATE newsletter is for those who are seriously interested in the purchase of a Stargate Observer Tent.

If you want to be included in our STARGATE newsletter distribution list then please fill out all the information, select the SUBSCRIBE action and hit the SUBMIT button. You can unsubscribe at any time by simply returning to this page, filling out the information and selecting the UNSUBSCRIBE action.

Kendrick Astro Instruments keeps all information in the strictest confidence and will not share this with any outside agency.


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