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Kendrick Astro Instruments

Welcome to Kendrick Astro Instruments.


Dew Shields Are BACK!

We call them Dew Caps! We have a wide selection of models to fit popular SCT and the new RASA style telescopes.



Bahtinov Focus Masks are BACK! All new transparent design

Hands-down, the best and fastest way to achieve perfect focus for folks on a bugget.


Primary Mirror Heaters are BACK! All new design

With so many types of Newtonian mirror holders on the market today, we have redesigned our primary Newtonian mirror heaters to accommodate a larger variety of telescope models. This new style heater can also be used for a variety of other difficult heating challenges and as such, we are also naming these "Red Rope Heaters" which offer a flexible generic solution.


New Everyday Lower Prices

We have lowered the price on our all of our Dew Controllers. Standard Dual Channel now 24% lower and our DigiFire FX-PRO is 32% lower. You can also save on shipping when you buy more!



Welcome to Kendrick Astro Instruments

Kendrick Astro Instruments is one of the most respected astronomy equipment manufacturers in the industry, for nearly 3 decades.

Why Kendrick?

Quite simply, Kendrick is the best of the best. While our competitors are all selling “white label” rebranded equipment made by others, Kendrick is the manufacturer and most of our materials are made in North America.

Kendrick invented the worlds first electronic Dew Prevention system nearly 3 decades ago. We remain as the worlds most sought-after brand. We manufacture more models than any other brand, making our products compatible with literally thousands of telescopes models, camera lenses, binoculars, and eyepieces.

Kendrick heaters are the highest power (watts) heaters available, and there are times when you will be glad you have that extra heat. Our Dew Controllers are also designed to handle the power used by those high-output heaters. Our heaters are designed to direct that heat to your optics without escaping into the atmosphere. Kendrick heaters feature power cables that remain flexible even in the coldest temperatures.

Beware of brands that claim “energy efficient”, because it means they don’t produce very much heat. It’s physics… watts = heat.

Dew prevention, Solar Filters, Portable Power, Astrophotography Accessories…. Kendrick has you covered.


12V Powered USB 3.0, 7-Port Hub

12V Powered USB 3.0, 7-Port "Charging"

In Stock! Order yours today!

Why use a USB Hub? There are an impressive number of USB devices: imaging camera, guide camera, focuser, filter wheel, adaptive optics, flats panel, etc. Each has its own USB cable and by using a USB Hub up on the telescope, you have only 1 cord that needs to come down from the mount.
Why a Powered Hub? Unpowered hubs just don't work. Even if you are lucky and have a mount with built-in USB, chances are, it's not powered. Without a powered hub, your computer becomes the power source and the computer is always quite a distance away. Power and signal (data) just doesn't have a fighting chance through those long cables.
Why 12V? Because 12V is what you use to power almost all of your devices! CCD Camera, Dew Controller, Focus Motor, etc. In most cases, a 12V power source is already up on the telescope. This eliminates 1 more cord that can get snagged when the mount slews.
12V Power Sources? You can power the Hub with your DigiFire FX-PRO Controller OR a Power Panel. Placing thoses devices ON THE TELESCOPE means that you can eliminate 1 more cord that won't need to come down from the telescope. Of course, you can also use the traditional cigarette lighter cord too.

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Kendrick Sun Finder

Sun Finder

IN STOCK! Very easy to install.

Our New Sun Finder is an excellent product for easy solar finding and centering in your telescope eyepiece. The finder projects a solar dot onto the white target which can be viewed either from the from the front of the finder or through the cut out on the back.

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NEW Newtonian "Universal Fit" Models

For Newtonian/Dobsonian Secondary Mirrors
Universal Fit
An effective anti-dewing solution for exposed Dob and Newtonain mirrors.
learn more...


NEW Ritchey-Chretien Secondary Heater Models

Universal Fit - 4 New Models
Ritchey-Chretien Secondary Heater
Fits most "GSO" style RC Telescopes. learn more...

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