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Kendrick VS Competitors Heater Comparison

The internet is wonderful place but is, at times, a forum for misleading and untrue statements or claims. We have been increasingly aware of these statements and claims and we feel the time has come for us to address these head on. We have created a list (shown below) that outlines the differences in build quality of a Kendrick heater and our competitors. As well, we have created an image library that will clearly illustrate the difference between our product and that of our competitors. We want our customers to be able to make an informed choice when it comes to buying anti-dew equipment and we believe the following information will go a long way in accomplishing that.

Image Comparison Library

This image shows the wiring connection in a Kendrick low wattage "FireFly" heater, using proper guage wires and proper crimping. The quality of workmanship in these heaters speaks for itself. This image shows the wiring of a competitor's low wattage heater. We have removed the electrical tape that insulated the connections in order to expose the quality of workmanship shown here.
This image displays the quality of Kendrick's cabling that we use on all Premier and FireFly heaters. Our cabling remains flexible in cold weather (down to -40 C), are all labled for easy identification and all have metal RCA connectors. This image displays a competitor's cabling. It is a PVC coated RCA patch cord. PVC gets very stiff in the cold and as a result, makes it an awkward component to use at the telescope. As well, due to the lack of flexibility and give in the cold, it can defocus camera lenses..
Kendrick uses only a robust, top quality elasticized fabric for our stretch attachments. In this photograph we are holding one of our heaters a light source. You can see that no light is coming through the fabric of our elastic. Our elastic takes up the full width of our heaters. Do not mistake the velcro tab at the top of this image for the elastic. This image is of a competitor's elasticized fabric that is used on their heater. The fabric is very thin and lightweight and this is indicated by the amount of light coming through it. As well as being very thin and lightweight, it does not take up the full width of the heater.
This image shows a typical field indentification label that Kendrick uses on all our heaters. They are printed in house, heat shrunk labels for permanent identification. This is a competitor's version of a heater field indentification label. At Kendrick, we use proper heat shrunk, printed field labels.
This close up shows the attention to detail we take to properly finish our product. Every heater we make is sewn closed like the heater shown in this image. Our competitors heaters, like the blue one shown here, are glued shut.
This is another close up shot showing more attention to detail that we take to properly finish our product. Every heater we make is has a brand name label sewn on. In the case of the FireFly and FireLite heaters we also indicate the model of the heater on either a second product indentifier label (FireFly). Our competitors heaters, have no labels at all.

A Final Detail

This shows the black, rubberized jacket we put over the wires of our Premier and FireFly heaters. This material stays flexible down to -40 C. All our competitors use PVC patch cords that get very stiff in the cold.

In Closing

We hope we have made our case to you about the quality of our heater product over that of our various competitors. We do not cut corners on any of our product and we have always endeavoured to make an excellent product for the price point it is designed to sell for. As well, we are honest regarding the performance statements of what can be expected from our product. When considering the purchase of an anti-dewing system, be sure to compare apples with apples. All of our competitors are using the same material we use in our low wattage FireFly heaters. These cannot be compared with our high performance Premier line of dew heaters. Why buy a competitors product that is comparable to the FireFly line of Kendrick heaters but is of a lesser build quality? These heaters can be purchased from Kendrick for the same money or in some instances, at a slight premium. Is the quality not worth it?


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