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Kendrick Inverters & Converters

120 Volt to 12 Volt Converter

Power Supplies Our dew control systems require 12 volts DC. If you are using a battery to run the system, we recommend a 5 amp hour battery as a minimum. If you want to run the system from a wall plug, you will need a 120 volt to 12 volt DC "Regulated" step down power supply with a minimum output of 5 amps. Pictured to the right are our 5 Amp and 10 Amp Regulated 120 volt to 12 volt DC power supplies which are excellent for operating our systems from a wall socket. Also available is a 25 Amp model (see below). We also build portable 12 volt power packs and offer other power solutions that can be used with all your astro equipment that is used in the field. See Power Packs for more information on the Portable Power Systems we offer.

What to look for when shopping for an AC-DC Power Supply

"12V" really means a measured voltage of 13.8V. Almost all astronomy equipment was designed to run from a car battery, but a car battery that measures only 12V is a dead battery. Normal voltage for a battery (when fully charged) will measure 12.9V-14.0V. A proper AC-DC Power Supply emulates a car battery.

Current (Amps/Watts) is the other important ingredient. The power supply needs to be capable of outputting enough current to satisfy the devices that you want to power. Just like a car engine that, for example, is 100HP doesn't mean that you should ask it to produce 100HP 100% of the time or it won't live very long. Ideally, your power supply should have some "head-room", roughly 2X the current (Amps/Watts) that the equipment will draw under normal conditions. For most amature astronomers, a 10 Amp Power Supply is the best choice.

What devices need the most power (Amps)?

Anything that uses electricity to produce heater or cooling needs a considerable amount of power. CCD cameras have "Peltier Coolers" and some need as many as 4-6 Amps just for the cooler. Motors use a fair amount of power when slewing at high-speed and "start-up current" is quite high to get the motor moving, after which current draw is less to keep them moving. Thus the need for "head-room".

Before choosing any power supply (AC-DC or Battery), consult the manufacturers specs. for your 12V devices and take note of voltage and current requirements. Kendrick publishes those specifications for our most popular heater models. The Dew Controllers use almost zero power. It is the heaters themselves that consume power. The larger the heater, the more power it needs. Take note that our Premier Brand heaters use more power than any other brand (including our own FireFly Brand) because they produce considerably more heat than any other brand. Dew Controller settings will govern how much power the heater will draw. Consult our Premier and FireFly Heater web pages for specs. (Watts/Amps).

Beware of Fake Knock-Offs. Surf the web and you will find thousands of sellers of Pyramid branded power supplies. If it seems "too cheap", then it's probably a fake. What we sell here is the real deal!



Hand-held Digital Voltmeter

These hand-held digital volt meters are excellent for anyone who has an unmetered battery and wants to easily and quickly check their battery voltage.

The LED lettering is red as shown in the photograph.

They have an operating voltage range from 8 to 30 vdc.

No batteries are required. Simply put it into a cigarette lighter socket to get a voltage reading.

Hand-held Digital VoltmeterHand-held Digital Voltmeter Side

2079-VM 8 to 30 VDC Hand-held Digital Voltmeter CAN $19.00


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